About VegBurger

Try to imagine what could happen when cutting-edge technology is employed in the kitchen to encounter the best quality products… Please welcome the delicious and healthy veggie burger, the one and only VegBurger! We are delighted to introduce different kinds of VegBurger made from highest quality vegetables and tuned with special flavors to reveal their unique character and to suit every taste. Go ahead and pick the one you like the most – all of them are equally healthy and tasty.

VegBurger has already come to be appreciated by many different people. It can be used as a major ingredient in a vegetarian diet, an easy-to-cook lunch recipe or a quick bite-to-eat for those who are always short of time. Moreover, VegBurger can be an exciting discovery for those who like to experiment in the kitchen or have chosen to lead a healthier lifestyle. Finally, many meat lovers have found VegBurger to be an irreplaceable vegetable-based addition to practically any meat dish.  

The ingredients to accompany the veggie patty and the way to cook it are abundant and limited only by the consumers’ imagination.

Recommended recipes can be found in web site and on Facebook.

Advantages of „VegBurger“                             

  • All patties are made only from natural ingredients: no artificial
    flavors or colors
  • No soy, tofu or GMO
  • Innovative and interesting product supplied in modern and safe
    vacuum packaging
  • Full compliance with quality standards (the factory and the suppliers
    are IFS or BRC certified).
  • Produced in the Netherlands
List of ”VegBurger” Products

  • Beetroot & Honey VegBurger
  • Yellow Carrot & Sweetcorn VegBurger with Curry
  • Butter Bean & Pea VegBurger with Black Pepper
  • Mushroom, Parsley & Garlic VegBurger
  • Celeriac VegBurger with Apple & Cinnamon
  • Broccoli, Butter Bean, Pea & Mushroom VegBurger
  • Yellow Carrot, Paprika & Sweetcorn VegBurger